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Order of Worship

Sunday, July 3, 2022


Andantino con moto from Deux arabesques (1888) 

Claude Debussy 



Pastor Teer Hardy

Hymn #98

To God Be the Glory 


Gathering Litany

Sam and Megan

We gather today as a community led by the Spirit. 

Your way, O God, is holy. 

Pick up the mantle of faith and follow Christ today. 

Your way, O God, is holy. 

Listen, pray, and believe. 

Your way, O God, is holy. 


Holy One, 

we come before you today: 

full of hope, 

full of desire, 

full of promise. 

Help us take up the mantle of faith 

you have laid before us, 

that we may use our own gifts of the Spirit 

to face the challenges before us. 

Help us face the turmoil 

within and around us, 

that we may face the future unafraid. 

Show us your way, your truth, 

and your life. Amen. 


Scripture Reading

Galatians 5:1, 13-25

Pastor Jeff Goodman

Children’s Sharing



Pastor Teer Hardy


Prayers of the People

Sam and Megan 

United in Christ and guided by the Spirit, we pray for the church, creation, and all in need. 

Lord of the harvest, you send your church into the world to proclaim Christ’s new creation to all. Renew the church as it carries out your mission of peace and healing. We pray for missionaries, especially our high school mission team, who accompany your people. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

Your creation abounds with flowing waters and diverse creatures. Guide the work of climate scientists as they develop and advocate for ways to restore the earth’s natural balance. Motivate humankind to adopt lifestyles that protect and sustain the earth. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

You guard the nations; let no leaders exalt themselves, but lift up the most vulnerable and work for the good of all. Send your Spirit to eradicate classism and inequity, violence and war, poverty and hunger. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

You desire abundant life for all. As we celebrate Independence Day, instill in us gratitude, generosity, and persistence in the working toward freedom of all people. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

Mothering God, you care for all people in need. Nourish those who are hungry. Restore employment to those who have lost work. Heal those who are sick, and comfort all who are dying or grieving. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

We remember the saints who proclaimed your reign on earth and now rest in yo. Make us faithful in our witness to Christ’s new creation. Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer. 

God of every time and place, in Jesus’ name and filled with your Holy Spirit, we entrust these spoken prayers and those in our hearts to your holy keeping, and pray as Christ taught us to pray... 

Lord’s Prayer 


Pastor Teer Hardy


Molto allegro e vivace, from Songs without Words, Op. 19, No. 3 

Felix Mendelssohn Andantino con moto from Deux arabesques (1888) 

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