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Connect with other adults through small groups, short-term classes, and more.


Welcome to classes for Adults at Mount Olivet! You are invited and welcome to join any of these classes at any time by emailing the listed contact. Have questions? Email Pastor Teer Hardy at

Wednesday Night Study

The Character of Virtue

Wednesdays, April 27—May 18, 7-8:15 PM via zoom

This 4-week discussion of a lecture series is adapted from Dr. Hauerwas’ book 'The Character of Virtue: Letters to a Godson.' We will watch portions of the lectures together and discuss each of the virtues explored by Dr. Hauerwas. Participants are encouraged to read 'The Character of Virtue' in advance; pre-reading is not required.  These lectures will explore virtue during a time when truth no longer matters in our public life and politics. Register below.

Crackers & Grape Juice Study

Help My Unbelief

Mondays, April 25 - july 4, 7 pm via zoom

Join the Crackers and Grape Juice Gang for their next study Help My Unbelief. “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Nothing has motivated Fleming Rutledge in her preaching more than addressing people’s struggles with doubt. Help My Unbelief speaks directly to the “faithful doubters” and the “unbelieving believers” of the church who wrestle with questions and uncertainties about Christian faith. 


What if I’m not very religious? 

Why isn’t it enough just to be good and loving? 

How can I respond to an abstraction like the Trinity? 

Isn’t Christianity outmoded? 

Can we still believe in the Resurrection today? 


Renowned preacher, author, and Episcopal priest, Fleming Rutledge approaches these questions with a combination of pastoral warmth and theological fearlessness, aligning herself with those seeking answers and pointing readers toward the One who creates and sustains faith. 

Join Jason Micheli, Anthony Robinson, Joshua Munnikhuysen, Teer Hardy, and Tommie Marshall as we discuss Fleming’s book for “the faithful doubter.” Register below.

Sunday Classes


9:30 am on sundays via zoom

Connections is a small group that focuses on connecting relationships with our faith, the Bible, and each other. Class studies offer an informal atmosphere for nurturing spiritual growth and seeking wisdom, no matter where you are in your journey. Class members collectively select topics of study, resulting in an eclectic mix. 

Currently, the class is reading Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair

Christians are awakening to the legacy of racism in America like never before. While public conversations regarding the realities of racial division and inequalities have surged in recent years, so has the public outcry to work toward the long-awaited healing of these wounds. But American Christianity, with its tendency to view the ministry of reconciliation as its sole response to racial injustice, and its isolation from those who labor most diligently to address these things, is underequipped to offer solutions. Because of this, the church needs a new perspective on its responsibility for the deep racial brokenness at the heart of American culture and on what it can do to repair that brokenness.

This book makes a compelling historical and theological case for the church's obligation to provide reparations for the oppression of African Americans. Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson articulate the church's responsibility for its promotion and preservation of white supremacy throughout history, investigate the Bible's call to repair our racial brokenness, and offer a vision for the work of reparation at the local level. They lead readers toward a moral imagination that views reparations as a long-overdue and necessary step in our collective journey toward healing and wholeness.

Study begins Sunday, September 12 and will conclude on November 7.


Contact: Steve Neff |

Spirited Parents

9:45 am on sundays in Room L3

Spirited Parents is a warm, enthusiastic group that seeks to support each other during the parenting and spiritual journey. We benefit from the weekly fellowship, but the standalone format enables attendees to drop in as their schedules allow. While parents with children of all ages are welcome, most of our children are tweens, teens, and young adults. We meet in Room L-3.

Contact: Sherri Hunter |

9:30 Study Group

9:15 Am on sundays via zoom

We get together on Sunday morning to learn more about the Bible and its importance in our daily lives. Class members may volunteer to teach and all members participate in the discussions. Members select the topics and the teacher determines how to present the material. Single, married, young, old. All are welcome.

We will be reading The Last Week by top Jesus scholars Marcus Borg and J. D. Crossan. Using the gospel of Mark as their guide, Borg and Crossan present a day-by-day account of Jesus's final week of life. The Jesus introduced by Borg and Crossan is a new moral hero, a more dangerous Jesus than the one enshrined in the church's traditional teachings. The Last Week depicts Jesus giving up his life to protest power without justice and to condemn the rich who lack concern for the poor. We not only meet the historical Jesus, but meet a new Jesus who engages us and invites us to follow him.

Contact: Monte Campbell |

Faith and Fellowship

9:45 am on sundays via zoom

We are a community of individuals who care for our classmates and others in the Mount Olivet family by attending to personal joys and concerns. We read and discuss scripture studies and books by contemporary theologians and other writers selected to bring insight to our spirituality. We understand that individuals are at different points along their spiritual journeys, which provides for meaningful, enlightening, and fun Sunday morning discussions.

Contact: David Traynham |

Scripture Study Group

10 AM on Sundays via zoom

Scripture Study Small Group is a small group that studies scripture in depth, a book at a time. The group aims to immerse itself in the living Word in order to understand it in context and to seek its application to our busy world.

Contact: Sara Scarlett |

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